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Online Bingo Games & It's Never Ending Fun!

Welcome on Ted Bingo, one of UK's biggest bingo sites. We have the best online bingo games that would make others green with envy. A huge selection of bingo variants that will bring your bingo experience to its pinnacle. Grab your very first offer and enjoy a wide range of games like the 90-ball, 75-ball, 52-ball and jackpot bingo games. We've got special things for everyone on here! Join in the bingo festivities and for few pennies get ready for real bingo online.

Ted Bingo allows you to extend the fun outdoor wherever you are by playing bingo games on your mobile. You’ll find a bunch of online bingo games compatible on both iOS and Android devices. Playing on the move has never been that easier. Visit Tedbingo.com on your mobile browser and get playing today.

There are loads of live bingo rooms with games happening all day long. Visit the bingo games lobby and join in the fun in bingo rooms. To break some whopping jackpots daily you can join the line-up of jackpot rooms! If you want to reap some crazy prizes, then play your way in our bingo rooms where there are so many progressive jackpot games to play and win at Ted Bingo!

90 Ball Bingo
90 Ball Bingo
Robin wants to share the wealth! Play the most popular 90 ball bingo games in the UK for fabulous chances to win!

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75 Ball Bingo
75 Ball Bingo
Robin Hood Bingo offers loads of 75 ball bingo games online, which means there are loads of generous jackpots waiting just for you!

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Progressive Jackpot
Progressive Jackpot
Play progressive jackpot games for HUGE prizes. Watch the pots grow as you play!

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How to Play Bingo and Win

Are you new to playing online bingo? Lucky for you, it’s easy to learn. Enter the lobby and browse through some of the amazing selection of bingo games or head directly to the game of your choice. Once you get your tickets, all you have to do is play! Daub the numbers on your card as they’re called or let us do the work for you when you select the auto-daub feature. Be the first to complete the pattern and you’ll win! To learn more about how to play bingo games you can always refer to our bingo rules page.

If you are looking to maximise your bingo games winnings, there is no better way than by playing the fun chat games. Chat with Ted Bingo's players while you play to win lots of bingo extras like complimentary coins and prizes! Play side games during your bingo sessions at Ted Bingo.

The Good Old 90-Ball Bingo Games

The 90-ball bingo which is a famous bingo variant around the world is readily available on Ted Bingo. This bingo variant is made up of a 3x9 chart of numbers. It consists of 3 rows, 9 columns and 27 squares. Each line of the 90 ball bingo games has 9 boxes that display 4 empty squares as well as 5 numbers. This brings each 90-ball bingo tickets to a total of 15 numbers. The numbers 1 to 90 are called in the same way that bingo balls are drawn in live bingo games. Find instant entertainment during any time of your day while playing online bingo games in our animated rooms.

There are various ways to win on the 90-ball bingo. It includes any one line, two lines and full house. Buy your bingo tickets and enjoy the 90-ball bingo in our large pool of fun bingo rooms. Take a tour on Penny Express and wallow in its progressive jackpots. We have many more 90-ball bingo games with jackpots. Just keep reading to find more about these pots that increases until someone hits the jackpot. Online bingo games for real money is worth the detour on Ted Bingo.

Play 75-Ball Bingo!

The best bingo games await you! Play the 75-ball bingo in fine style on Ted Bingo. This popular variation of the bingo game is a favourite among the bingo enthusiasts. It consists of a 5 by 5 chart of numbers where each square has a number except for the centre one. These online bingo games have an endless number of winning patterns which brings the fun at its peak. The numbers range from 1 to 75 and they will be called only once until someone wins.

To get started, buy your bingo tickets to play into the 75-ball bingo rooms of your choice. Your aim is to re-create the same pre-determined pattern shown at the top of your screen. The bingo patterns are always changing, they vary from one game to the next.

If you want to experience the thrill of the 75-ball bingo games, play bingo in rooms like Money Penny, Moonalicious, Linked & Loaded -75 and Mystery Jackpot. There's boundless fun and excitement whenever the bingo balls are randomly generated in these rooms.

How About The 52-Ball Bingo games?

The 52-ball bingo is a reimagined version of the classic bingo games thus sharing some features with the 75-ball and 90-ball bingo. This bingo game makes use of playing cards instead of bingo balls. It involves the purchase of a hand or a ticket to get started. The maximum cards you can purchase in the Suit Up room is 96 cards. Each hand on the 52-ball bingo games make use of 5 cards which are then revealed as soon as you buy your tickets.

The caller will announce the different playing cards randomly and if they match your hand, a chip will cover that card. Each chip has an alphabet B, I, N, G or O. You win a full house if the chips that cover your playing cards form the word BINGO. This game consists only of one winning pattern. Therefore, the Full house occurs whenever all your five cards on at least one purchased hand has been covered with chips.

Jackpot Bingo for Mega Wins

On Ted bingo, you'll find an amazing variety of fun bingo jackpot games that are the pick of the bunch. The best part is that the daily jackpots are in full swing every single day. Stand your chance of winning MEGA jackpots and some sensational prizes in our bingo rooms.

Play 90-ball bingo and experience the bingo games fever in the Jackpot bingo room. How about an exciting ride to Money Penny? Or you can have a bingo midnight treat and seize your chance of big wins in the jackpot rooms. All day every day you can win big on our fun-filled online bingo games.

You thought that was it? Wait a minute Ted Bingo has much up its sleeves. We offer rooms like Mystery Jackpot that can break at a crazy amounts while some of our bingo rooms come with unbelievable jackpots like the Bingo X Multiplier that bring forth whacking great pots. That's just the beginning!!!! You can pre-buy your bingo tickets to join the Self-Made Millionaire bingo room. May the bingo fun begin.

Join Ted Bingo for endless entertainment in the best bingo rooms while having a chat with new friends. We offer the hottest jackpots for plenty of huge wins. Our friendly bingo community awaits you with a wide selection of online bingo for cash.

Say Yes to some complimentary Bingo Games

Ted Bingo's mission is to serve you with the very best bingo experience. To do so it offers some of the greatest complimentary bingo games in the UK. Imagine playing your favourite bingo variants without spending a single penny. That would be awesome, right? Guess what! Ted bingo has tons of online bingo games that you can enjoy at no cost. Ready to shout loud B-I-N-G-O?

Try your luck for huge wins on these 4 bingo rooms: The Biggie, The Grand, The Ultra and The Supreme. They are all suprising! Take advantage of these cool online bingo games once you register on Ted Bingo.


Generally, a wagering requirement is a multiplier and it represents the number of times that you must play through a bonus before you'll be eligible to withdraw your winnings.

No, there's always a wagering requirement that is attached to any bonuses. Hence, prior to making any withdraw request, the wagering requirement needs to be met.

The duration of bingo games depends largely on the type of bingo games. However, there are more factors to consider such as the number of bingo tickets purchased in the bingo games. But on average, online bingo games can last for just under 5 minutes.

Online bingo games are a game of chance and ultimately you cannot predict the numbers in advance. Yet, there are some tips and tricks that can boost your chances of winning. Play bingo during the off-peak time, take advantage of special bingo offers all of which will help increasing your odds. You can also boost your chances of winning by trying some of our best online bingo sites.

Bingo games on our sites are very cheap and they vary from one bingo room to another. You'll enjoy playing bingo for pennies while standing the chance of huge wins.

In bingo games xTG refers to the position of your ticket during the bingo game. 1TG means that you have only one number to go until you win. So, 2 TG means that you have only 2 numbers to go until you win.

This game combines the elements of both the fast-paced bingo games with the thrilling slots. Discover our amazing Slingo Games