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Some Tips if You’re New to Bingo

Bingo for decades now has been one of the popular ways to have fun, meet new friends and if you’re lucky, win some money! And it has only got more popular since we have seen the emergence of both online bingo and mobile bingo thanks to advancements in technology.

There are over 3.5 million playing online bingo every week across the UK with more people signing up to these mobile bingo websites every day. However, if you’re one of these newer players signing up to a bingo website for the first time, it can sometimes seem quite daunting and you might not know what’s going on. That’s why we’re on hand to help, we’ve racked our brains and come up with some of the best tips to get you started.

Give Yourself a Head Start

Before we delve into the world of online bingo and provide you with the best tips, it’s important to note that you should never go into a game of bingo expecting to win. These tips won’t guarantee you a win but can give you that head-start you need. Bingo like all other forms of gambling should be seen as a form of entertainment and not as an investment. Now, without any further delays, here are some of the best tips to get you started:

Play On a Reputable Bingo Site

Before you’ve even played your first game of bingo, you’re going to want to make sure you’re signed up to the right bingo site. There are hundreds to choose from, but not all of these websites are reputable and licensed. In the UK anyway, you’re going to want to ensure that the bingo website you’re signing up to to play Slingo bingo is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. This ensures that you’re playing on a level and fair playing field.

Get to Know the Slang

Like all other casino games, there is a range of words that may sound foreign to you at first when playing bingo. Except in bingo, it has a much wider range of bingo slang than any other online casino games. For example, there is terminology for letting other players know how close you are to a win and there are also nearly a hundred different slang terms for numbers that bingo callers will call out. Do some research and get to understand your bingo slang.

Choose the Right Time to Play

The number of players on a particular online bingo site will tend to fluctuate throughout the day and night, being most busy on weekends and in the evenings when most of the sites members aren’t in work or out with friends. Statistically, when it comes down to it, the more players that are in an online bingo room with you, the less chance you have of winning. That’s why you’re going to want to opt for playing when there are fewer players online. In general, this tends to be very late at night and early in the morning, this will give you a higher chance of winning.

Know Your Limits

Bingo may be seen to many as a social game however when it comes down to it, it is a form of gambling and if you get carried away you could end up losing more than you can afford to. Before you start an online bingo session you’re going to want to set yourself a limit of what you’re prepared to lose and once you hit that limit, walk away. Fortunately, a lot of regulated online bingo sites have features in place to allow you to set your own deposit limits so that the site will prevent you from spending any more than you’ve agreed to.

At the End of the Day, You’re There to Enjoy Yourself

Around 95% of all bingo players play online bingo purely to enjoy themselves and to socialise with their fellow bingo players in the chatroom. You’re going to want to ensure that you’re one of these players and that you’re in this 95%. After all, if you’re not enjoying yourself playing online bingo, you’re not making the most out of your time on the site.