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Why People Prefer Playing Mobile Bingo?

Before the invention of the internet, the only way bingo players in the UK could play would be to physically go down to a bingo hall, which not only required a mode of transport but the time to get there and back. At the time this wasn’t an issue for people as it was the only way they could play bingo.

Mobile Bingo in Numbers

A recent study carried out found that mobile bingo sites accounted for around 53% of online bingo players followed by laptops, then tablets, then desktops. This has grown from previous years accounted for just 44% and 33% the year before. The reason for this surge in the popularity of mobile bingo is that not only can players play on trusted bingo sites wherever they are, but it is also offering the players a much more engaging experience overall.

This is through immersive graphics, sounds and also optimising their mobile bingo games so that when they are playing, the game itself is tailored to fit on that phones screen. This convenience of being able to play mobile bingo wherever, whenever, again saw a rise in both the number of players playing mobile bingo and the number of mobile bingo sites in the UK. However, there are plenty of unlicensed mobile bingo sites out there so it’s always important to ensure that you’re choosing to play on trusted bingo sites that have a license and operate fairly, for example exciting all Slingo Bingo sites which definitively have much to offer and enjoy.

The Rise Of Mobile Bingo

Playing on online mobile bingo sites in the UK means that bingo players no longer were confined to a desktop computer to play. They could now play on mobile bingo wherever they were, out at the pub, or even round at a friends house.

Tablets also account for 14% of all online bingo players, which could be seen to be included within the mobile bingo category and it’s a device that allows you to play wherever you are.

Benefits and Changes

  • Together, they account for an impressive 67%. Meaning a staggering two-thirds of all bingo players are playing on mobile bingo sites in the UK either on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Another benefit of playing online mobile bingo is that some sites allow players to ‘pay by phone’ which essentially means they don’t need their card on them or even funds in the bank, and instead the amount that has been deposited to the website is charged on their next mobile phone bill.
  • However, in the early 2000’s we started to see the first online casino sites, which meant that players didn’t have to go down to the bingo halls themselves.
  • This was a game-changer and attracted a lot of new players.
  • The biggest change was yet to come, when the smartphone was introduced mobile bingo was about to make its introduction.

Suddenly there was an abundance of mobile bingo sites in the UK. At first, there was a rush to adapt their websites so that they could offer mobile bingo to their players, including optimising all of their online bingo games so that when the player was playing they weren’t compromising on quality. All of the leading software development companies also started rushing to optimise all of their products so that when players were playing they were having equally as enjoyable experience as they would be either in a hall or online.

What Does The Future Hold?

Going forward we can expect for the number of mobile bingo sites out there to keep on growing and growing, as more and more bingo players turn to their smartphones to enjoy their online bingo experience.

This increased number of mobile bingo sites means that the websites are going to have to more than they ever have before to attract new players and to keep their existing players.

These ways they’re going to need to go about doing this is to improve the user experience through more immersive bingo games, becoming innovative and also providing value for money, now allowing you to play all different types of online bingo games wherever you are.