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The Grand

Go undercover and secure your tickets to the Grand 55 at Ted Bingo!! 

    • Background

      Suit up and head on a mission to win up to £55,000! One lucky player will get their hands on an astounding £55,000 in the Grand 55 room, and it could be you! With a guaranteed jackpot set at a minimum of £5,000, this is the sliding jackpot that simply cannot be missed! Verified daily winners will be credited with cards every Friday as a voucher. Don’t miss to check the voucher area to claim any tickets you win! Get your tickets now and secure your shot at the jackpot!

    • When's it happening?

      The Grand 55 game starts at 10pm on the 01st of September. You’ll be able to win or buy your tickets until the 30th of August at 23:59.

    • How to win tickets?

      You can even try to win tickets – Jump on some special bingo games and win tickets to the game for as low as 1p! Head on over to the “Win Cards” tab where you can win up to 5 tickets to the Grand 55.

    The Grand 55 T&C's
      • Promotion is open to funded players only.
      • The Grand 55 game is a sliding JP with a max prize of £55,000 and a guaranteed minimum prize of £5,000. Full JP details can be found in the Grand 55 room by clicking on the JP prize.
      • Grand 55 JP game will begin on 1st September 2018 at 10pm.
      • In case of multiple winners, prize will be split between their winning tickets.
      • Cards to the Grand 55 are £5.
      • Players can also win cards for The Grand 55 game in the rooms under the Win Cards tab in the Bingo Lobby.
      • “Win Cards” rooms will play every 2 hours, from 6pm till midnight (4 games per day for each room).
      • Win 1 Card for 1p per ticket; Win 3 Cards for 5p per ticket; Win 5 Cards for 10p per ticket.
      • All cards won in these games will be credited to winners as bingo vouchers within 96 hours of their win.
      • Winners MUST claim the vouchers and activate their winning tickets before Grand 55 starts (before 1st September 2018)
      • Max of 96 cards per player.
      • 18+
      • Ted Bingo's full Bonus Policy apply.
      • Ted Bingo's full Wagering and General Terms & Conditions apply.
      • Last updated August 2018