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What Are Online Scratch Cards?

When we think of scratch cards we think of the cards we buy in service stations up and down the UK. However, since we have seen the emergence of online casinos we have seen the invention of online scratch cards. Scratch cards have long been a big hit amongst the general public in the UK due to the fact you don’t have to learn anything to play them, you simply scratch and you can win. Discover today how you can win real money by playing online scratch cards. The casinos we’re going to look at also offer a range of payment methods including Paypal.

Where Can You Find Online Scratch Cards?

In nearly every online casino which also Slingo bingo you’ll also find a range of other casino games which include scratch cards. These are very popular amongst punters as they can become winners of online scratch cards within a matter of seconds. This is popular if you are new to online casinos as there’s nothing you have to learn and if you only have a few seconds spare you can try your luck at some online scratch cards.

Where Can I Find the Best Online Scratch Cards?

Here at Ted Bingo, we have gone through the effort of finding the best and top online scratch cards from the internet's leading online casinos which have been home to many winners. Below you can find a list of some of the best online casinos that offer online scratch cards for you to play today and hopefully win!

Top 5 Facts About Online Scratch Cards

1 The first scratch card was patented in the United States back in 1987.
2 There are two different types of online scratch cards, ones where you can play online through your browser or where you have to download software.
3 The typical price for an online scratch card ranges from £1 to £10.
4 Online scratch cards are regulated by an RNG or Random Number Generator just like all other casino games to ensure fair play.
5 Thanks to developments in technology you can now play online scratch cards on your mobile.

Scratch Card Games

Lucky Irish: Try this online scratch card today to see if the luck of the Irish is with you!
Love Lines: Find your lovely winning combination by matching any 3 symbols vertically, horizontally or diagonally.
Noughts and crosses: Grab a sense of nostalgia with this simple but entertaining online scratch card.
Pharoah’s Luck: Immerse yourself in an Egyptian themed fun online scratch card.

Tips to Winning at Online Scratch Cards

Online scratch cards are one of the quickest ways to win big and don’t require any skills whatsoever. First, you are going to want to set yourself a budget before you start buying your online scratch cards. Next, it’s always worth looking at reviews of that particular online scratch card to see the experience that other players have had when playing. You’re also going to want to know the rules of that particular online scratch card as they vary when it comes to the winning combinations. And always remember online scratch cards are a game of chance so you’re not guaranteed to win. And with the online casinos we’re looking at today they also offer the best online slots in the UK.

How Do I Find the Best Online Scratch Cards?

Here at Ted Bingo, we’ve done the hard work so you don’t need to. We’ve searched high and low across the web to find the best online casinos offering the top online scratch cards. As with any other casino game, online scratch cards are a game of chance so you won’t have more chances of winning at one casino than the other, however, certain online scratch cards can give you more chances of winning than others by offering multiple winning combinations.

Online Scratch Card FAQ’s

As the name suggests, it’s that simple! Scratch across the card with your cursor or finger until the card is fully visible to see if you’ve won!

If you’re buying a scratch card from a shop in the UK the age limit is 16, however, if you want to play online scratch cards, you need to be 18 to register to the online casino.

With online scratch cards you’ll typically receive some type of congratulations message if you’ve won.

As with any other casino, online scratch cards are a game of chance so nothing is certain, however, you have a much better chance to be a winner with an online scratch card than you do the lottery!

One of the ways in which you can boost your chances of grabbing a win from an online scratch card is to buy your online scratch cards in bulk.

Why are Online Scratch Cards so Popular?

As opposed to other online casino games such as blackjack and roulette, you don’t need to learn any type of skill to play online scratch cards. This means that it’s more accessible for the general public, especially those who don’t like having to learn a lot before playing a game. The other big factor that makes them so popular is the instant excitement they give players where you can win in an instant rather than having to wait to see if you’ve won. They’re also the perfect casino game if you’ve only got a few minutes to spare and you fancy your chances of winning.