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The Slingo Bingo Experience

If you are a fan of bingo and slots, then Slingo Bingo is the perfect game for you! A unique combination of the two games, there is no other game like this in the market today. Created in 2016, this is a relatively new casino that has evolved into one of the most exciting games in the UK. Slingo Bingo and Slingo Slots offers you the chance to play so of the most iconic classics, as well as the latest games in each category. And you get to play Slingo Bingo originals such as Deal Or No Deal Slingo!

How to Play Slingo Bingo?

Gameplay is really simple, but you need to think carefully about how to maximise your wins!

  • You start the game by clicking on the Start Spin button on your screen.
  • A set of numbers will appear once the spinning wheel stops. You will then have exactly 20 seconds to find and click on numbers on your card that match the ones on the wheel.
  • If you manage to complete a whole row, column or diagonal of numbers on your card, you get a Slingo and win bonus points.
  • If you cover all the shaded areas on the card of your Slingo Bingo Game and complete a pattern, you go to the next level.

Slingo bingo is fun and easy to learn! You can simply spin the slots reel at the bottom of the screen and see if any of the numbers that you have appear on the screen. However, it isn’t just numbers, as symbols also play an important role in whether you can win. These symbols are the best case scenario for players as it will mean instant prizes and special bonuses. To begin with, you will have a set number of spins for the stake that you have put down, and with that you will have limited time to make your spins.

There are also options to win free spins. But, for the lion share most spins need to be paid for. Players shouldn’t think that crossing off your numbers is the only way to win like with online bingo games. That is a possible way, but in Slingo you need to focus on adding points to your tally.

Every spin that you make will see you rewarded with a number of points depending on the action. Every game that you can play can also see unique prizes being won. However, for the main part, you will get points for clearing lines and cards.

Most Popluar Slingo Bingo Games

Symbols and Bonus Rounds

Slingo games promise a fun-filled adventure, but they cannot just take you to greater heights right away. For starters, there is the Joker that allows any number to be daubed anywhere on the grid. Next to the set of characters you will see on dozens of Slingo sites is the Cherub who can help double your score. And, of course, there is the Devil – the arch-nemesis in every Slingo Slots or Slingo Bingo you play. You better lookout for him, as he can cut your score in half (unless the Cherub appears and saves you at the same time). Apart from the Slingo characters, there are also some bonus rounds. Take for example Slingo Rainbow Riches, which offers you a set of special bonus games. The latter, however, are only activated once you reach newer levels. It includes the likes of Cash Crop Bonus, Magic Toadstall Red Bonus, Wishing Well Bonus, and Road To Riches Bonus, among others.

1 This game has a theoretical RTP of 95%, and is a medium variance game.
2 While Slingo Bingo has been around since the 1990s, they were revamped by Gaming Realms in 2015. Now, the game can be played on PCs, smartphones, tablets and even on a handheld electronic game version.
3 The original games were fun, single-player games. Today, you can pit your wits against other players, chat online (just like in regular Bingo rooms), and bet money to win big!
4 You can use special power-ups, save up on multipliers and the Devil’s protection feather in the game to increase your chances of winning.

5 Reasons - Slingo Bingo is more fun than traditional online Bingo

  • The addition of symbols creates a whole new dynamic to the game, and is an evolved version of bingo.
  • Caters to a wider audience compared to traditional bingo. The element of online slots will see more people engaged regardless of whether they enjoy playing bingo.
  • Social dynamic online adds to the excitement and you can meet friends while you play.
  • More chances to win on Slingo. You no longer need to just match numbers, as the introduction of symbols creates more chances to win.
  • It is totally unique.

5 Similarities - Slingo Bingo & traditional Bingo

  • Matching the numbers.
  • The social element between the two is uncanny.
  • The ability to play online gambling.
  • Both games will cater to a broad audience regardless of age.
  • The tension when waiting for your numbers to come up is unique to both of these games.

Best Slingo Bingo Sites

Slingo Bingo has become such a popular game in the last few years that there are now many Slingo sites to choose from. However, all sites are not made equal. For a truly enjoyable experience, the best bingo sites to play Slingo Bingo on are Ted Bingo, Robin Hood Bingo and Moon Bingo. Each of these sites offer you multiple variations of the game.

Pay by Phone Slingo

Slingo is a unique way to gamble, and with that comes a new payment method. You can pay by phone with Slingo. This means that you can deposit funds by using your phone bill. There are various ways to fund your account but pay by phone Slingo is the best option for mobile players. There are no additional charges should you use this method. However, you will not be able to withdraw your winnings using this method.

Slingo Mobile

The evolution of gaming has come so far that Slingo mobile is one of the best ways to get the fullest experience of the game. Many players will be looking to get their fix on Slingo mobile due to the high-quality game experience as well as having the need to play on the go. This evolution of Slingo mobile ensures that you can play on the go. That means that you can play while you are commuting to work or travelling. Either way, you are sure to have a unique experience by playing one of the very best games in the industry.


Slingo is an easy and fun game on Ted Bingo. Your mission is to spin and reveal numbers that match those on the grid. There are special symbols like the Joker, Super Joker, Complimentary Spins, Gold Coin and the devil. These symbols award players with some exciting prizes and bonuses. When the game start, you are given several spins as well as a limited time to use you’re the spins.

The top online casinos to play Slingo bingo games are Vegas Spins, Moon Games and Wicked Jackpots.

There’s a wide range of Slingo games for android on Ted Bingo. It includes games like Slingo Riches, Slingo Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, Slingo Reveal and many more.

"Slingo Originals" is a team of innovative game providers that create mobile focused and top-notch Slingo games. Their Slingo bingo combines the fun elements of slots, bingo and table gameplay.