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Slingo Reel Extreme Review

Slingo Reel Extreme

If you enjoyed playing the exciting Slingo Reel Riches and the super-hot Slingo Extreme, the you will absolutely love the combination of the two! Now it’s time to play Slingo Reel Extreme.

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You will find you favourite Slingo games characters in this game, but will experience a whole new level of fast-paced action in this Slingo slots game. With bonus rounds and linked games, this game has fast become a favourite among Slingo UK players!

How to play Big Slingo Reel Extreme

This Slingo bingo-slots game is not just exciting, it is also extremely easy to play. The objective of the game is to spin the reels to get matching symbols across paylines and win some super-awesome prizes.

  • Select your bet. It can range from £1 up to £100!
  • Click on SPIN and you’re ready to roll!

You do not need to select the number of paylines in this game. All paylines remain active for the entirety of the game.

Bonus Symbols

The Slingo bonus in this game is called the Win Spin Bonuses. If you manage to gather 3 or more Bonus symbols in the 5 linked games, then you activate the Win Spin Bonus round. In this round, you have the option of selecting volatility level, so you decide how much of a risk you want to take:

3 Bonuses Gathered: You get the option of choosing one of the three:

  • 16 spins and 2x Multipliers
  • 8 spins and 4x Multipliers
  • 4 spins and 8x Multipliers

4 Bonuses Gathered: You get the option of choosing one of the three:

  • 16 spins and 4x Multipliers
  • 8 spins and 8x Multipliers
  • 4 spins and 16x Multipliers

5 Bonuses Gathered: You get the option of choosing one of the three:

  • 16 spins and 20x Multipliers
  • 8 spins and 40x Multipliers
  • 4 spins and 80x Multipliers

Features And Benefits

This is a super-fast slots game that gives you some really big wins. This game of Slingo slots has a unique feature in that it you get to play 5 linked games. What this means is that you get 5 spins to win the bonuses that will help you win some seriously big prizes. The best part is the game offers you unlimited extra spins – for a price.

The Wild in this Slingo online game is a Wild Logo surrounded by golden coins, and it doubles the win from matching combinations of symbols on the reels. However, it does not substitute for the game’s Bonus symbol.

Mobile Experience

Slingo Reel Extreme has been fully customised for all devices, whether its your desktop computer, your mobile phone or tablet. This means that you can connect to all Slingo sites anywhere you want and at any time you like, without compromising on the gaming experience!

Tips & strategy

With an RTP of 95%, this Slingo casino game is a medium variance game that offers you some fairly hefty winnings. So, it is best to optimise your chances of winning.

1 If you manage to land 3 bonuses within the 5 spins you get, you can choose to go to the bonus game or buy a few extra spins to see if you can get the 4 or 5 bonus wins to really in big.
2 Remember, the price the extra spins you buy increase with each successive purchase, so choose this option wisely.
3 The Wilds will double your earnings, so watch out for them.