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Slingo Xxxtreme Review

Slingo Xxxtreme

If you loved Slingo Extreme, then you must try Slingo XXXtreme. This new version of the Slingo online game gives you faster gameplay, even bigger jackpots and the option to buy Unlimited Free Spins.

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You can win up to £100,000 in the mega jackpot in this fiery, fast-paced game. This game has truly turned up the heat by a million degrees!

Bonus Symbols

The Slingo bonus symbols are standard for this game:

  • The Joker:If you land this wild, then you can choose any number in the column above to mark off.
  • The Super Joker:This wild will let you mark off any number anywhere on the Bingo grid.
  • Coins:You win an instant cash prize if you land Coins on the reel.
  • Free Spin:You can win a Free Spin when this symbol lands on the reel.
  • The Devil:Beware the Devil as he can block potential Slingos.
  • Wild Combination:If you land 3 or more wilds (Jokers and/or Super Jokers), you win an instant cash prize.

How to play Slingo XXXtreme

Slingo XXXtreme has the same game layout and gameplay as other standard Slingo games. However, it is much faster and has much higher payouts!

  • Initiate the game by choosing your bet amount. Choose wisely, because once you do, that amount in locked in for the rest of the game!
  • Click on the START GAME button.
  • The Slingo slots reel at the bottom of the Slingo bingo grid will spin automatically, and numbers will be marked off super-fast. The reel will only stop if you land a Joker or a Super Joker. That is when you select which number to mark off.
  • You win a Slingo when an entire row, column or diagonal is marked off. You can win up to 12 Slingos in a game, which is a Full House and also awards you the jackpot!

Features and Benefits

This Slingo casino game has a standard layout.

  • The Bingo grid is in the centre of the game screen.
  • On the left is the pay table, which will tell you how much you stand to win.
  • The right side of the screen shows you the number of spins you have. You start the game with 11 spins, and have the chance of winning Free Spins in the course of the game. You also have the option of buying Unlimited Spins if your free spins are exhausted.
  • The game has a fire-based theme, so there’s a red background and lave bubbling in the free spin (ball) holder. When you win a Slingo, the lines light up with fire.
  • Once you win 4 Slingos, the cash prizes multiply.

Mobile Experience

Slingo XXXtreme is available for mobile gaming on your smartphone and tablets, so you can connect to your favourite Slingo sites on the go.

Tips & strategy

This Slingo UK game is extremely lucrative, so you should use a little strategy to increasing your chances of winning:

1 When you land a Joker or Super Joker, think carefully about which number you wish to mark off. It could be the difference between losing, winning and winning big.
2 This game has an RTP of 95%, which means that you can get a steady stream of wins.
3 If you have bet big, and are close to getting the Full House, buy the extra spins. However, remember that each successive spin you buy gets more expensive!