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Tips for winning at Slingo Bingo

Let’s go through some tips you should be aware of to maximise your chances of winning. It’s important to note that there is no ‘secret’ to winning and we’re not guaranteeing that you'll definitely win, these tips will just boost your chances of winning:

  • Play multiple games of Slingo at the same time. And the more games you play the more chance you have of winning.
  • Avoid duplicate numbers on your Slingo cards.
  • Don’t go bounding in with the expectation of winning or you’ll be disappointed.
  • Set yourself a limit of what you can afford to lose.
  • Know the rules of the particular Slingo game you’re playing.
  • Take advantage of any bonus features and multipliers.
  • Experiment with powerups to find which are the most effective and at what time.
  • Bet on minigames within your Slingo game
  • Know the rules of Slingo before you begin to play!

It’s also important to remember that Slingo Bingo despite being a game of bingo which is seen as more of a social game is that it is still a form of gambling.

Similar to bingo, in Slingo, players must complete both lines and coveralls on a digital board that resembles a bingo card. However, the numbers are called by spinning the slot reels, which replaces the traditional method of having someone call the numbers.

This form of calling has made the game much more exciting for players and it quickly began to grow in popularity and has found its way onto online casinos.

Most instances of Slingo bingo are single-player and so the social aspect of traditional online bingo is absent however there was a multiplayer version of Slingo that was trailed nevertheless, it was never as successful as it’s the single-player counterpart.

Extra tips when playing Slingo Bingo are the meaning of symbols

Before you play Slingo Bingo, extra tips are learning symbols and its meanings. As with any other form of slots, there are symbols, and if you’ve not played slots before but just bingo you’re going to want to know what each of these symbols means.

These are the symbols that you’re going to come across in a typical game of Slingo and what each of them means:-

  • Joker - these are the equivalent of wild symbols that can mark off any number in the column above it
  • Super jokers - similar to a joker but can mark off any number in the whole grid.
  • 3 or more jokers - this will land you an instant cash prize.
  • Free spin - gives you a free spin on the slots
  • Coin - instant cash prize.
  • Devil - blocks potential matches - this is what you’re going to want to avoid!

Interested in Slingo Bingo?

If you’re a fan of both online slots and online bingo then you’re most certainly going to love Slingo Bingo. The game itself offers instant action and is fast-paced which attracts players and is a brilliant alternative to the standard 75-ball bingo game.

The only downside it has if you’re used to playing bingo for the social aspect is, as we’ve discussed, is that Slingo Bingo is a single-player game and so you’re going to notice the absence of chatting with other players during the bingo game.

However, the game does offer players the chance to win against the house rather than pitting themselves against 50 other players and this has proved very popular with bingo players.

An extra tip, making a difference with other games, is that when you open Slingo Bingo you will find on screen a 5 x 5 ticket with a row of slots reel at the foot of it.

If you want to experience a few games yourself why not try the range of Slingo bingo games we have on offer here at Ted Bingo. You can always play for free beforehand in order to get used to the rules of the game and then you can play for cash rewards!

Follow above tips and enjoy playing Slingo Bingo, Join now! or you want to know more about how to game works, feel free to get in touch.