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Ownership & Trademark Policies

Ted Bingo™ is a registered trademark. All Site Content is the sole property of Ted Bingo™. All copyrights, trademarks and other proprietary rights in, associated with or utilized on the Site or the Site Content are the properties of Ted Bingo™. "Site Content" pertains to any text, information, data, software, material, statements and images, as well as graphics, interactive features, video and audio, if any, displayed and/or used on this Site.

Affiliates and non-affiliates who are suspected of being in violation of one or more subjects mentioned in the "Violation of Trademark Policies" will be subject to a full investigation and could face criminal charges. Affiliates will also automatically have their accounts suspended pending further investigation.

List of possible trademark violations (concerning affiliates and non-affiliates)

  • Domain Names Purchases - it is forbidden to buy or use domains that contain our brands" keywords in any way.
  • Social Accounts Creation - it is forbidden to create social accounts using our brands' keywords. For example: Facebook™, Facebook™ groups, Twitter™, Tumblr™, Blogger™, YouTube™, Flickr™ and any other social account that has not been mentioned here.
  • Content Duplication - it is forbidden to use our unique content (e.g. landing pages, advert ideas, site content/pages, etc) to promote other brands or for other purposes that have not been mentioned here.
  • PPC Campaigns
    • Search Engines - it is forbidden to include keywords that contain our brands" names in a PPC campaign in any way.
    • You must add all our brands" keywords to your 'negative keywords list" in any match type variation (e.g. broad, phrase and exact) for all available search engines, including: Google™, Bing™, Yahoo™ and any other Search Engine that has not been mentioned here.
    • E.g. For Ted Bingo: both "Ted Bingo" and "tedbingo" in any match type is forbidden.
  • Facebook Campaigns - it is forbidden to target our community pages or groups with adverts.